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Health for All Campaign

Renewing the Health For All Campaign through Thematic Areas

Gender justice and health

The vision of this  thematic circle is to create accountable and equitable health policies and health systems in the context of intersectional justice

Environment and ecosystem health

PHM has worked on environment and ecosystem health for a number of years

Nutrition and Food Sovereignty

Nutrition and Food Sovereignty has historically been a very strong area for PHM

Trade and health

Trade and health

The work of the circle from November 2018 is broadly directed by the analysis and strategic directions

Equitable health systems

Equitable health systems

The Health Systems Thematic Area is one of PHM’s strongest, with broad participation across countries and regions

War and conflict, occupation, forced migration

War and conflict, occupation, forced migration

The PHM considers this thematic area to be a priority due to the level of conflict and displacement occurring around the world.