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PHM France: Call from unions and associations "Together against the far right. Let's ensure the defeat of the extreme right on July 7!

Faced with the deadly prospect of a Rassemblement National government, we call on political parties and voters to take a democratic and republican leap forward!
The decisive second round of voting takes place at the end of the week. In a very large number of constituencies, there is a Rassemblement National candidate who could win on July 7 in the event of a three-way tie.
We call on the political parties to decide to maintain a single candidacy against the extreme right wherever it is in a position to win.
We call on voters to vote for the best-placed candidate after the first round, wherever parties have maintained several candidates⋅es against the RN.
We hear all the reasons there might be for not voting for this or that candidate. It could be the rejection of outgoing deputies from a majority that has pursued policies that have, in effect, strengthened the far right. It may be a rejection of political parties whose priorities, methods and policies we don't share.
But what's at stake on Sunday goes far beyond what divides us. It's not a question of right or left. What's at stake is an even more essential question: whether we can all live together in France. The Rassemblement National's response to this question is a racist and violent political project, that of the progressive destruction of freedoms and, more generally, of the Republic, which has always been its primary target. We are talking about the arrival in power of a party whose program is built around the negation of the equal rights of human beings proclaimed by the UN in 1948. It is this equality that we, unions and associations, work towards day after day, so that each and every one of us has access to a service, a right, a response to our needs.
Those who reject the society heralded by the extreme right are faced with a simple choice: any dispersal of votes in the second round would give power to the RN because of the electoral system, even though its unequal ideas are in the minority in society. The votes must converge around a single objective: to defeat the RN.
On July 7, not a single vote must be lost to defeat the RN!