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People's Health Dispatch

People's Health Dispatch 76: Hospitals raided in Gaza; floods cause public health concerns in Brazil

This fortnight

In over seven months of continuous attacks on healthcare in Gaza, Israel has decimated Palestinian care capacities. On Nakba Day 2024, Israeli armed forces continued targeting hospitals and health workers, forcing even more health centers to shut down. Health organizations in Gaza warned that no amount of field hospitals can replace the infrastructure destroyed so far, and rebuilding will be impossible without an immediate ceasefire and an end to the occupation.

In Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, devastating floods have destroyed vast areas of land, raising significant public health concerns in the aftermath. Outra Saúde met with Sérgio Rossi from the Health, Environment, and Climate Change Center to discuss the most immediate needs and the urgent necessity of implementing a National Environmental Health Policy.

On May 12, health workers and trade unions marked another Nurses’ Day. While governments worldwide extended their congratulations and appreciation to the nursing workforce, these gestures were overshadowed by austerity measures, pay cuts, and the brain drain of health professionals. Additionally, as ministers and health officials celebrated nurses, they failed to address the demands of other essential workers.

This includes community health workers, who continue to work in extremely precarious conditions in many countries of the Global South - including South Africa. Western Cape’s community health workers, who continue to fight for fair employment, recently took to the streets with the support of the People's Health Movement.

In focus: Health in Palestine

On Nakba Day, Israel kills more health workers in Gaza, forces field hospitals to shut down

As Nakba Day is commemorated, Israeli forces killed another health worker and continued to threaten health services in the Gaza Strip

Emirati Maternity Hospital in Gaza stops admitting patients, deepening the health crisis

As Israel shuts down border crossings and continues to threaten an invasion of Rafah, the few remaining hospitals in the Gaza Strip are preparing to stop admissions

Health in times of climate chaos: floods in Rio Grande do Sul

Floods in Rio Grande do Sul call for immediate interventions to tackle health effects and long-term mental health repercussions. Calls to implement a National Environmental Health Policy increase among researchers and activists

On Nurses Day, struggles continue for better conditions amid unfulfilled promises

Ahead of another International Nurses Day on May 12, health workers continue to struggle for fair working conditions and safe staffing levels in the sector