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Amel International Association

Amel International Health Care Facilities targeted in South Lebanon

*Amel International Association's Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs) located in Arkoub and Khiam in southern Lebanon, identified and protected by international humanitarian law, have been targeted by artillery shelling. The situation remains very tense in the area and attacks continue.

In a statement released Wednesday, "Amel Association International strongly condemns the recent Israeli attacks on our Arqoub and Khyiam health and social development centers."

The People's Health Movement (PHM) stands in solidarity with Amel Association International and the Lebanese people, supports their statement and joins their call for the cessation of hostilities.


"Official Statement from Amel Association International on the Targeting of Its Centers in Arqoub and Khyiam, Lebanon”


Amel International Association

On Monday, June 17, 2024, Amel Association International's Primary Health Care Center (PHCC), located in Arkoub, was damaged by an artillery shell that landed nearby. As a result, all the glass in the center was shattered and some small equipment was damaged.

"Despite this, our dedicated team, with the invaluable support of local residents and the municipality, managed to rehabilitate the damaged sections in record time. This swift action ensured that the residents of Kfar Hamam and the surrounding villages continued to have access to the health and care services they are entitled to, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to safeguarding people's rights in all circumstances," Amel said in its Statement. According to local reports, the restoration of the center has been completed.

Then, on Wednesday, June 19, Amel's PHCC, located in Khiam, was severely hit by a very close airstrike caused by an Israeli fighter jet, which caused substantial damage to the center's structure and damaged much of the equipment inside. "Subsequently, our Khyiam center was hit a second time, resulting in severe damage. The full extent of the destruction is still being assessed due to the ongoing shelling and the precarious situation in the city" as reported by Amel representatives.

Fortunately, patients and health personnel were not physically harmed, but their psychosocial distress is remarkable. We are in solidarity with all residents of the affected areas. Amel centers have had to revise their working modalities, with the support of mobile units, to ensure continuity of care. However, it is clear that these deliberate attacks threaten access to health care for Lebanon's most vulnerable populations.

In its statement Amel commented on the attacks saying that they "constitute a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, which explicitly prohibits the targeting of health facilities. These actions not only endanger the lives of civilians, but also undermine their fundamental right to health and care."

And Amel reaffirmed its commitment, "We will not close our facilities in the South, and we will not spare our lives for our resilient population. Our commitment to providing essential health services remains steadfast, regardless of the challenges around us.
We urgently call on all international organizations and the international community to take immediate action to stop this aggression. It is imperative to ensure the protection of health facilities and civilians in conflict zones. The preservation of human life and dignity must be defended at all costs."

Since October 2023, the world has been witnessing an ongoing genocide in Gaza. While we praise the demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinians, we strongly denounce the loss of humanity and the double standards we are observing. In parallel, the situation in Lebanon has been particularly violent and acute, spilling over from Gaza and severely affecting the area, already affected by multiple crises. Civilians, health sector workers, journalists and health facilities have been targeted, especially in southern Lebanon.

This is unacceptable and we strongly denounce this situation. We count on your support to stand in solidarity with Amel, the Lebanese people and the Palestinians, and to call for an immediate end to the crisis in South Lebanon and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

*Amel Association International is a non-sectarian Lebanese NGO carrying out health, psychosocial, vocational training, protection, education, human rights and rural development activities. And a member of the PHM.