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Charter4Health Podcast

Charter4Health is the new podcast series from PHM Global on the right to health, it is a platform to discuss, share the analysis and the experiences of the struggle for Health For All.


As People's Health Movement (PHM) Its Global Secretariat and the Communications Program, we are very happy to present Charter4Health a new podcast series on the right to health.

The podcast is available to listen, download and share for free on our website and on PHM Media Channel on iVoox. This first season of Charter4Health will be available in English and some episodes in Spanish.

For PHM its Call To Action is a commitment, it's a worldwide call to inspire and mobilize health activists, and the ongoing struggle for health defenders in the search for Health For All.

From PHM Global we wanted to produce special content to provide you with information, analysis and elements of discussion on all health matters so you can make the right decisions on issues that affect your life like medicine prices, food sovereignty, gender, war, climate crisis or healthcare.

Hosted by Miguel Garcia, PHM Comms Officer and Executive producer of the series, season one of Charter4Health features interviews with health activists, participants in PHA5 from different parts of the world, talking about a range of issues discussed during the Assembly addressing the discussions leading to the Mar del Plata Call to Action. Interviews with Claudio Schuftan, Ana Vračar, Carmen Baez, Layth Hanbali, Denis Bukenya, Matheus Falcão, Abhey Shukla, Vivian Camacho, Fran Baum, Zeina Mohana, Adsa Fatima, Roman Vega and others.


List of credits

Series Title: Charter4Health a PHM Podcast

Show: Interview Podcast

Season: 1

Episodes: 12 in English, 6 in Spanish
Episode Duration: 15-25 minutes

Executive Producer: Miguel García
Producers: Anneleen De Keukelaere, Ana Vračar and David Verstockt
Editing: Luisa Fernanda Viatela
Technical support: James Van Duuren, Edwin Otzin, Gabriela Tumax and Esmeralda Ramos
Host: Miguel García
A People’s Health Movement Production.