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PHM Case Study Series

During the Covid-19 pandemic, deep and extensive social impacts were felt throughout the globe, way beyond the public health crisis. The responses of governments and the international community made evident the structural inequality and injustices of the current economic and political order, with dramatic effects in the Global South. 

The failures of privatized and fragmented health systems in organizing coordinated interventions and effective responses were evident. After decades of regressive financial policies and austerity measures that restricted public investments in health, those impacted were mainly the most vulnerable groups and countries. The colonial strategies of multilateral institutions, transnational corporations and rich countries were intensified and led to events such as the Covid-19 vaccine apartheid.

In this context, it was up to the people to develop their own responses. Be it as a strategy of survival and resistance or as a way of reinventing collective social and health practices based on solidarity. In order to face one of the most challenging moments for humanity in recent times, it was up to the people to fight.
To document some of the people's experiences, lessons and struggles for health and life during the Covid-19 pandemic, the People's Health Movement (PHM) proudly presents a series of case studies from organizations and social movements in the Global South. You will find solidarity initiatives and collective actions, lawsuits against public authorities, challenges to powerful interests, and experiences of self-organization and community care.