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Tour de France pour la santé

Statement of Support from People's Health Movement Global to Tour de France for Health

Tour de France pour la santé

The People's Health Movement (PHM) Global stands in solidarity with the Tour de France pour la Santé in its crucial campaign to expose the devastating impacts a far-right victory would have on health in France. We commend the collective efforts of trade unions, health activists, and social movements rallying under this banner to protect the fundamental right to health for all.

The extreme right's agenda threatens to dismantle the pillars of solidarity and universalism that underpin the French healthcare system, leading to increased social and territorial inequalities. Their policies are poised to marginalize vulnerable groups, including migrants and women, which will undoubtedly exacerbate public health risks across the nation.

We support the Tour de France pour la Santé progressive vision to rebuild and strengthen the healthcare system by prioritizing public health over profit. Their commitment to retracting detrimental reforms, curbing living costs, and ensuring equitable healthcare access aligns with our core values of health justice and equity.

The actions organized by the Tour de France pour la Santé are vital in raising awareness and mobilizing resistance against the far-right's divisive and dangerous policies. We urge all citizens, trade unions, associations, and progressive parties to unite in this critical fight to defend the right to health for all.

In solidarity