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The People’s Health Movement in Latin America develops the Campaign for the transformation and decolonization of health systems in this region of the world.

What is the campaign about?

Generating convergence, debate and advocacy among sectors of civil society to build a common agenda for the transformation of health systems in Latin America.

With this campaign, the PHM seeks to mobilize civil society to create proposals for debate and influence decision-making and the generation of public policies that transform privatized, commercialized, segmented and inequitable health systems into public health systems with universal access, equitable and intercultural public health systems that guarantee primary health care from an integral care perspective, rescuing the right to health as a fundamental human right guaranteed by a State and a society that promote not only social equity but also their own cultural traditions in health, in opposition to the biomedical model and the privatization policies of big capital.

With the images and voices of the peoples’ struggle to build public, universal, integral, solidarity-based, equitable and intercultural health systems, both the messages and the contents of this campaign will be presented in Spanish, Portuguese and English to reach a wide audience in Latin America and beyond.


about the campaing