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PHM - MSP Universidad del Buen Vivir

Being Health, Being Harmony, Being Life, Being "Buen Vivir" for the People's

The University of Buen Vivir joins the People's Health Movement, so that the Living Classrooms of Health are constitutive and constituent of training and learning processes in the key of Buen Vivir.

The University of Buen Vivir is a young decolonial feminist, non-capitalist University, born in the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies 2020 in Barcelona, Spain.

Both movements have an active presence in Latin America, it is an experience and knowledge from which other regions of the world can be enriched and empowered in new keys of collaboration and creation by experiencing the expansive potentials that both possess. This alliance is also an opportunity to give visibility to the knowledge built from the communities.

This project seeks to recognize the diverse practices and strategies cultivated from the care, love, knowledge, being of Buen Vivir. Each experience of what it is to be health, to be harmony, to be life, allows us to open portals of energy that our humanity needs to revive and motivate that wonderful legacy of Good Living.

The research proposals that arise from this alliance are built from the knowledgeable of the territory, from the epistemic diversity that houses community health and the different ways of learning and knowing that exist in the communities, the scientific, social, health, spiritual and popular knowledge that must be articulated with academic knowledge as complementary knowledge.

This energetic bridge that unites the University of Buen Vivir and the People's Health Movement will be building spoken maps, sewn, woven, senses beyond reason, not legitimized by the canons of truth that guide science, knowledge qualified as residual, backward or inferior to the dominant classification. Because ancestral knowledge is also science, the way of organizing life, rituals, all the configurations of non-capitalist experiences historically carried out by organizations and social movements, contain the Being of the Buen Vivir of the Peoples.