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The struggles for public health came to a head in Mar del Plata

At the 5th People’s Health Assembly, international social movements came together to debate ways of guarant

People’s Health Dispatch: PHA5 rallies for peace as a means to Health for All

This fortnight

More than 600 activists from 60 countries gathered in Mar del Pl

PHA5 Mar del Plata 2024: Marching for Health For All

Hundreds of health activists from 60 countries marched in Mar del Plata, Argentina, at the closing event of

From Empowered Communities, a Call for Global Action on AMR

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a silent threat that causes suffering and unnecessary loss of life worldw

Gender Justice in Health

Gender Justice in Health


The story is set in Brazil and explores the intersecting experiences of two women facing gender inequalities in a male dominated society. Laura, a privileged upper-class woman, and Beta, her Afro-Brazilian housekeeper, experience patriarchy in varying degrees, determined by either their class privileges or lack of.

PHA5 Comics

PHA5 Comics

More than a format, they are a genre, even more, they are a universe. Comics constitute a narrative that entertains, builds emotional experiences and imaginaries of both fiction and non-fiction, with such a variety of forms and contents that they also inform, educate and communicate, reaching a wide spectrum of audiences.