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Booklet 3: Gender Justice in Health

Gender Justice in Health


The story is set in Brazil and explores the intersecting experiences of two women facing gender inequalities in a male dominated society. Laura, a privileged upper-class woman, and Beta, her Afro-Brazilian housekeeper, experience patriarchy in varying degrees, determined by either their class privileges or lack of.

The story opens with Laura and her family attending Beta's wedding in a favela. As Beta's marriage sinks into domestic violence during the lockdowns of the Pandemic, Laura tries to navigate her own encounters with sexism at home, in the workplace, and online. 

Things take a turn when Beta reaches out to Laura for help after a particularly violent episode at home. Drawn into Beta's struggles with marriage, domestic violence, reproductive rights, and the devaluation of women's contributions in society, Laura, along with her daughter Marcia, begin to confront their own privilege and complicity.