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Booklet 2: Resisting Forced Migration and War

Resisting Forced Migration and War


Two sisters, Amina and Salwa, along with their families, gather at Amina's house in a refugee camp in Gaza on 15th May 2023, to commemorate the Nakba of 1948.

Over a shared meal, the families discuss the ongoing occupation of their land, the risks it imposes on health and well-being, and their continued displacement in their own homeland. Unknown to them, it will be their last meal together. Salwa and her husband, Al Rahim leave Gaza, and later that year, on 7th October 2023, Amina's premonition of impending tragedy plays out in the devastating aftermath of Hamas' attack on Israel.

Through the eyes of Amina, we witness the devastation of Gaza, the destruction of hospitals and infrastructure, the loss of lives and homes, the overnight displacement of millions of people. In her desperation, she re-discovers hope, and with renewed determination, Amina joins the exodus of displaced Palestinians, as they journey towards the uncertain sanctuary of the refugee camps.