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Gender Justice in Health

Gender Justice in Health


The story is set in Brazil and explores the intersecting experiences of two women facing gender inequalities in a male dominated society. Laura, a privileged upper-class woman, and Beta, her Afro-Brazilian housekeeper, experience patriarchy in varying degrees, determined by either their class privileges or lack of.

PHA5 Comics

PHA5 Comics

More than a format, they are a genre, even more, they are a universe. Comics constitute a narrative that entertains, builds emotional experiences and imaginaries of both fiction and non-fiction, with such a variety of forms and contents that they also inform, educate and communicate, reaching a wide spectrum of audiences.  

GHW Podcast Episode 7: Universal Health Coverage and Primary Health Care divide

The final episode of the GHW6 podcast series features Remco Van de Pas and Sulakshana Nandi, two long-standing PHM members who are very active in PHM’s thematic circle on health systems. They provide an up-to-date analysis of the global state of the debates around Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Primary Health Care (PHC), finding that UHC is everywhere and PHC has become stuck in the margins. Also, they warn against the market rhetoric that suffuses health systems reform, together with the rising global policy discourse on engaging with the private health sector.

GHW Podcast Episode 6: Trade and Health

The sixth episode of the GHW6 podcast series features Lauren Paremoer and Ronald Labonté, addressing the issue of new trade treaties and their potential threats to public health. Showing concrete examples, they show how these treaties tighten reins on policy measures governments might take that could inhibit trade, with new rules on how future regulations should be developed, including allowing or even mandating the involvement of corporate actors from other countries.

GHW Podcast Episode 4: Peace and Health

The fourth episode of the GHW6 podcast series features Roman Gnagi and Catia Confortini, members of Medact, a UK-based organization affiliated with PHM and co-producer of the Global Health Watch series. Together with other Medact members, they wrote a chapter in Global Health Watch 6 analyzing the relations between war, conflict, peace, and health, and the impact of Covid-19 in countries affected by conflict.   

GHW Podcast Episode 3: Gendered inequities during COVID-19 times: a view from the Global South

The third episode of the GHW6 podcast series features Sarojini Nadimpally, coordinator for Health for All Campaign of the People’s Health Movement and a founder of SAMA Resource Group for Women and Health, an India based women’s organisation. Together with Neelanjana Das, Aakriti  Pasricha and Adsa Fatima – fellow members of SAMA,  Sarojini co- authored a chapter in Global Health Watch 6 analyzing the gendered impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a focus on South Asia.