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Booklet 1: Towards transformation of health systems

  Towards transformation of health systems

Dr. Rose, a US physician, and her husband, Apu, embark on a holiday to India. Their journey takes an unexpected turn in Delhi when Rose experiences a minor accident, leading them to the clinic of Dr. Ramesh. What begins as a chance encounter evolves into a profound discussion on the stark healthcare disparities exposed by the pandemic.

Intrigued by the discourse, Ramesh extends an invitation to delve deeper into the heart of the matter. The couple find themselves at an unconventional orphanage, a beacon of sustainability, clean energy and compassionate care, founded by Dr. Ramesh and his counselor wife, Dr. Sita. Here, the four explore alternative socio-economic models that prioritize human dignity and strive to secure essential healthcare for all, while nurturing the health of the planet.