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Global Health Watch 6

Global Health Watch 6 Book Chapters Available for Download

Global Health Watch 6 (GHW6) book chapters are now available for download. By adopting a political-economic lens, the chapters illustrate the connections between the social, economic, political, commercial and environmental determinants of health and the structure of global power relations and economic governance. They also emphasize the importance of people’s ongoing struggles towards the goal of “Health for All”, through narratives of resistance and social movement activism.


GHW6 Index

A1 From pre-pandemic pathologies to post-pandemic hopefulness

A2 Gendered inequities during COVID-19 times: a view from the Global South

A3 From unethical growth to ethical degrowth: can capitalism be transformed?

B1 The Universal Health Coverage/Primary Health Care divide

B2 Global Health 2.0? Digital technologies, disruption, and power

B3 Healthcare and COVID-19: privatization by stealth

B4 Old/new politics of access to medicines

B5 Transforming mental healthcare globally

C1 Austerity rerun

C2 Unequal labor markets meet a disequalizing pandemic

C3 Confronting the commercial determinants of health

C4 Development model, extractivism, and environment: knitting resistances globally

C5 Transforming food systems for healthy people and a healthy planet

C6 Conflict and health in the era of coronavirus

D1 WHO and the politics of pandemics

D2 Shifting playing fields: how new trade treaties govern governments

D3 The United Nations, global governance, and the toll of funding failures

D4 Watching the international financial institutions: new rhetoric, old practice?

D5 The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset: corporate ambitions and the future of multilateralism in and beyond global health

Conclusion: Building power in the struggle for health (justice): a call to health activists

Contributors to the GHW6

GHW6 Table of Content