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GHW podcast

On our fifth episode of the GHW6 podcast series features Charlotte Dreger from FIAN International, a global human rights organization that advocates for the right to adequate food and nutrition, Magdalena Ackermann from the  Society for Internationmal Development (SID), and Isabel Álvarez Vispo, Co-president of Urgenci, an international grassroot network of all forms of regional and Local Solidarity-based Partnerships for Agroecology. The chapter they contributed for GHW6 explores the structural flaws of the global food system, which pollutes, consolidates control in a few oligopolies, and ravages the land needed for production, while failing to meet the world’s need for healthy and nutritious food. The dominant agro-industrial model is contrasted with agroecological alternatives that have persisted despite the ongoing corporatization of agriculture. Considerable evidence demonstrates agroecology’s capacity to meet both human food needs and planetary sustainability.