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Photo by AWDA

As the days go by, the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip deepens, the armed conflict has intensified, civilians and medical personnel remain under threat, fatalities and injuries grow by the minute, caravans of forcibly displaced people seeking safety have also come under attack, water, food, shelter and medical supplies are in short supply.


Dr Ahmed MuhannaThe Palestinian health system targetted by Israel, but crucial part of the resistance against genocide



Photo: MSF Doctors Witout Borders Urgent Call to Declare Gaza a Famine-Stricken Area 




Health Work Committees (HWC), West Bank, PalestineAccess to Healthcare in West Bank, Palestine: Before and after 7th October' 23




The case of the Health Work Committees (HWC), West Bank, Palestine



Testimonies from the frontlines

Health Workers, GazaDr. Thaer Altallouli, Indonesian Hospital, Gaza



Health Workers, GazaDr. Essam Fasl Aldawor, Indonesian Hospital, Gaza 


Health Crisis in GazaDr. Alaa Muti' Al-Ghafir, Al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza




Webinar: Building solidarity with Gaza’s health sector 20 december 2024 Watch our Webinar on Building solidarity with Gaza’s health sector 




19 December 2023 Israeli forces detain hundreds in al-Awda Hospital: AlJazeera






Free Dr. Ahmed Muhanna

The People's Health Movement demands the immediate release of dr. Ahmed Muhanna, and a halt to the detention and murder of Palestinian Health Workers




A statement issued by the Al Awda Health and Community Association

This afternoon, Monday, 12/18/2023, the Israeli occupation forces arrested (5) employees of Al Awda Hospital - Tal Al Zaatar - northern Gaza Strip, in addition to arresting one of the patients and one of the companions, noting that they are still detaining Dr. Ahmed Muhanna - Hospital Director.


The Palestinian Medical Relief Society PMRS Gaza Update 7-26th Oct 2023 




End to the occupation needed to fulfil right to health in Palestine. People's Dispatch


Stand up for Palestine: statement by the People's Health Movement

Available in EN-ES-FR-PT 

Demosstration in support of the Palestinian People

Latest in Gaza

October 20: Medical organizations in Palestine call for humanitarian ceasefire 


October 18: Israeli bombings and blockade is destroying healthcare in Gaza. People's Dispatch


October 17: Gaza health ministry says at least 500 casualties in hospital blast. A UN-run school housing refugees also struck: Aljazeera News


October 15: Al-Awda Hospital Manager Dr. Ahmed Mhanna pleaded for the Israel-Hamas war to stop as the hospital is on the verge of running out of fuel. “Stop the bombing against our civilian people,” said Mhanna: NBC News



Health Workers and civilians under attack in Gaza


Video: Open Meeting on the Current Situation in Palestine