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In May 2022, in order to provide information and analysis of the situation in Palestine, the PHM published a report on the historical and political context in the region.

PHM brings the report back as an important document to provide analysis to understand the roots of the current situation.

Palestine: Anti-colonialism, health and human rights: A resource developed for the People’s Health Movement
Authored by: Layth Hanbali, May 2022.

There is also a PPT shorter version of report meant for wider reach. Report, PPT The educational tool is expected to be useful for PHM country circles in educating their friends on the issue and generally anyone who wants to learn on the history of Palestine cause and the PHM involvement with it. The resource has been prepared by Layth Hanbali for the PHM War and Conflict thematic group.  

Palestine Presentation


Historical Background

Understanding the current circumstances or the health of Palestinians today requires an understanding of the history of Palestine. This section aims to provide an overview of this history, which will facilitate an understanding of how Palestine came to be colonised, and what led to the fragmented situation that Palestinians are in today. It is important to note that a report as short as this cannot provide a thorough enough understanding of this history, but it should provide a brief overview on which further understanding can be built if desired. The main sources used for each section are listed at the end of the report and can also serve as a recommended further reading list.


English: Palestine: Anti-colonialism, health and human rights: A resource developed for the People’s Health Movement  
Authored by: Layth Hanbali, May 2022.

Español: Palestina: Anticolonialismo, salud y derechos humanos: Un recurso elaborado para el Movimiento por la Salud de los Pueblos

Fraçaise : Palestine : Anti-colonialisme, santé et droits de l'homme : Une ressource développée pour le Mouvement populaire pour la santé

Português: Palestina: Anti-colonialismo, saúde e direitos humanos: Um recurso desenvolvido para o Movimento pela Saúde dos Povos


العربية: فلسطين: مناهضة الاستعمار والصحة وحقوق الإنسان: مورد تم تطويره لحركة صحة الشعب