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Health Work Committees (HWC), West Bank, Palestine

Access to Healthcare in West Bank, Palestine: Before and after 7th October' 23

Palestinian Health Works Committee (HWC) used to be one of the biggest health organisations working in the West bank providing services to 300,000 to 400, 000 people. Even before 7th Oct, 2023, HWC had been facing repression in its functioning, from the arrest of its then director Shatha Odeh in 2021 to attack on their Headquarters in Ramallah. Needless to say, things have become worse post 7th October 2023. Organisations like Amnesty and PHM have been raising concerns  on how the shutdown of organizations like HWC are likely to have catastrophic consequences for healthcare.

HWC and People's Health Movement circle on War, Conflict, Occupation and Forced migration organized a webinar to continue highlighting the impact on health and healthcare in West Bank, Palestine even as the brutal war and occupation in Gaza and West Bank continues. Watch now.



  • Anti Colonialism, Health and Human Rights: Layth Hanbali (Researcher at Birzeit University & the Institute of Palestine Studies)  
  • Video: The case of the Health Work Committees (HWC), West Bank, Palestine on the Helalth Workers Under Attack Gallery
    Health Work Committees (HWC), West Bank, Palestine
  • West Bank situation and the impact on HWC services: Dr Jamileh Abuduhou (Director for Program Development and International Relations, HWC) 
  • Role and future of HWC and health services in West Bank: Mazen Rantisi (Head Board, HWC)
  • Discussion