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Lucrecia Salva Fuentes, Mexico -

Lucrecia Salva Fuentes, Mexico

1. Who is Lucrecia Salva Fuentes?

Lucrecia Salva Fuentes was a nurse, activist for the right to health, activist for the rights of migrants and against gender violence. Lucrecia was head nurse at the General Hospital de Alta Especialidad Ciudad Salud in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico, on the border with Guatemala. Lucrecia had a doctorate in Public Health and Health Management, a master's degree in Education Sciences and a specialty as a medical-surgical specialist.

Dr. Caitlin Bernard, USA -

Dr. Caitlin Bernard, USA


On June 24, 2022, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, revoking the constitutional right to abortion. After 50 years of protected abortion rights, this decision removed the reproductive autonomy of women, girls, and individuals who have a uterus by making abortion access difficult or nearly impossible in states with conservative legislatures and governors. Abortions, more specifically induced abortions, are medically performed for a variety of reasons.

PHM at 76th World Health Assembly, May 2023

The People's Health Movement’s WHO Watch programme closely follows two annual meetings at the World Health

PHM Global Health Governance Dispatches

Our international systems of globa

WHO Watch for 152nd Executive Board Meeting of WHO: Call for Participation

Call for Watchers to participate in the Executive Board Meeting of WHO (January-February 2023 – in person)

PHM is preparing for watching the 152nd Executive Board meeting (EB152) of World Health Organisation. The session will take place from 30th January to 7th February in Geneva, Switzerland. The World Health Assembly takes place once and Executive Board meeting takes place twice a year.

(EN/ES/FR) PHM Reflections on Policy Developments on NCD control in WHA 75- 30th Sept (Fri), 1 PM UTC PHM is holding a webinar on Non Communicable Diseases on 30th Sept, 1 PM UTC/ 6:30 PM India time.  The webinar titled "PHM Reflections on Policy Developments on NCD control in WHA 75” is being organised by the  Equitable Health Systems thematic circ