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PHA5 Global Launch Event

From the ancestral territory of the Mapuche people in Patagonia, Argentina, the voice of the people in defe

PHA5 launching event for Latin America

Peoples marching in diversity, fists raised, in the midst of a humanitarian crisis and profound discussions

Stand up for Palestine!

The People’s Health Movement (PHM) reaffirms its support and solidarity to the Palestinian struggle for the

Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza

As the days go by, the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip deepens, the armed conflict has intensified, civilians and medical personnel remain under threat, fatalities and injuries grow by the minute, caravans of forcibly displaced people seeking safety have also come under attack, water, food, shelter and medical supplies are in short supply.


IPHU Course for East and South Africa (ESA) region in Nairobi, Kenya, coming up in November

The International People’s Health University (IPHU) of the People’s Health Movement (PHM) Jointly with its

Webinar on Commercial Determinants of Health

"(CDoH) - Concept, cases and challenges for activism" is the title of a new webinar organized The People's

28 September: International Safe Abortion Day

In 2023 or safe abortion campaign enphasized on our demand for 'Access to safe, quality, and legal abortion

PHM Statement on HJI victory

The People’s Health Movement congratulates the Health Justice Initiative (HJI) on their important victory.