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PHA5 Comics

PHA5 Comics

More than a format, they are a genre, even more, they are a universe. Comics constitute a narrative that entertains, builds emotional experiences and imaginaries of both fiction and non-fiction, with such a variety of forms and contents that they also inform, educate and communicate, reaching a wide spectrum of audiences.  

Under the editorial line of Chiara Bodini and Ronald Labonté, co-editors of the Global Health Watch 6, the People's Health Movement launches its comic book series to accompany the discussions of the thematic axes of the 5th People's Health Assembly. Together with the GHW Podcast, this comic book series is part of the editorial production of the Global Health Watch 6.

With the realization, illustration and collaboration of an international team led by Orijit Sen, renowned artist, illustrator and co-founder of People Tree Studio, an independent graphic design and art studio that works with graphics, comics, murals, textiles and visual storytelling, based in Goa, India, the collaboration of Cordelia B Francis, a freelance journalist, writer and storyteller who also lives in Goa, and a transnational team of illustrators and translators led to the development of this series, which is available for consultation, reading, downloading and sharing anywhere in the world and on any device.

This first edition of the comic is published in Spanish and English and we hope to have it available in other languages in the near future.

For Daniel Aguilar, Colombian comic book researcher, "the adaptation of social and academic content to comics is of great value so that research products do not necessarily end up in an academic article, because, unfortunately, academic papers usually reach a limited audience. On the other hand, comics based on research broaden the impact of research and are no less rigorous, they are another way of communicating the results of research and can reach a wider audience, transcending the barrier between dissemination and popularization of science. Graphic narratives are an instrument to propitiate other modes of social appropriation of knowledge."