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IPHU Course, Thessaloniki, Greece

IPHU Course in Thessaloniki, Greece

PHM Europe, the International People’s Health University program, and the organizing committee of   International Association of Health Policy Europe (IAHPE) are holding a course on the struggle for health for young activists in Thessaloniki, Greece, 21-24 September. 

Activists from PHM Europe are attending the 19th conference of the IAHPE in the lead up to the conference. The course welcomed Sofie Blancke from Medics for the People, Belgium and Ronald Labonte, from Canada, among the lecturers. 

The curriculum at the Thessaloniki IPHU Course covers the struggle for health, PHM history, and organized health activism: challenges, strategy and practice, achievements, and new directionsSocial determinants of health: poverty, oppression, and hierarchy; alienation and exclusion; racism, sexism, and materialism Comprehensive primary health care: achievements, challenges, lessons, and new directionsThe political economy of health: imperialism and globalization, the international financial institutions, and the UN system; local issues and global pressuresOccupation, war, migration, and health

The IPHU short courses like these enable younger health activists to make new connections, share experiences, and study together. They aim to strengthen PHM’s growing activism. PHM has trained thousands of young activists from around the world over the past few years through the IPHU and built perspectives.