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Health Work Committees (HWC), West Bank, Palestine

The case of the Health Work Committees (HWC), West Bank, Palestine

 Founded in the 80s during the first Intifada, the Health Work Committees have played a crucial role providing health services to the Palestinians living in the West Bank, Palestine. Hundreds of thousands health services are provided every year, lots of them related with the brutal Israeli occupation. The last couple of years the Israeli repression against the Health Work Committees intensified. The headquarters of HWC, one of the most important health organizations in Palestine, were raided several times. Former director Shatha Odeh was arrested and locked up for more than 11 months, other HWC staff members was also arrested and jailed. This video is a testimony to the important work of the HWC, and a salute to the brave health workers who, by riskingn their own lives, try to preserve the right to health for Palestinians in the West Bank.