WHA73 (Nov) Watch: Policy Briefs, Statements and Agenda

The People’s Health Movement’s WHO Watch team will follow the World Health Assembly 73 (resumed session) held from 9-14 November.  The Watching team consisted of  Alane Ribeiro (Brazil), Aletha Wallace 9belgium), Ana Vracar (Crotia), Gargeya Telakapalli (India), Kriti Shukla (India), Lauren Paremoer (South Africa), Matheus Zuliane Falcao (Brazil), Muneer Mammi kutty (India), Osama Ummer (India), Rhiannon Osborne (UK), Sarai Keestra (Netherlands), Susana Barria (India)

PHM, in collaboration with Medicus Mundi International, deliver statements at the meeting. See links to the statements presented by PHM at WHA73 (resumed), below.

11.1 Primary Health Care
11.2 Follow-up to the HLM of the UNGA- NCDs
11.3 Global vaccine action plan
11.5 Ending tuberculosis
11.8 Neglected tropical diseases
11.9 GSPOA on public health, innovation and intellectual property
13.2 WHO’s work in health emergencies
13.3 Influenza preparedness
15.2 MIYCN and 15.3 Accelerating efforts on food safety