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Trade and Health

Welcome to the home page of the PHM Trade and Health circle.

The work of the circle from November 2018 is broadly directed by the analysis and strategic directions of the Trade and Health Thematic Report from the Fourth People’s Health Assembly (PHA4).  Please note that this is a working document subject to continuing amendment.

Activists wishing to join the Trade and Health circle should write to T&H Coordination ([email protected]) including information about where you are from, your existing engagements in PHM, and your interests in trade and health activism.

Members of the Trade and Health circle wishing to post to the whole list should write to [email protected].

Useful resources:

   Neoliberal Globalisation, presentation by Amit Sengupta, IPHU Bangalore, 2009 (ppt, pdf)
   Trade and Health, presentation by Amit Sengupta, IPHU Sri Lanka, 2010
   Background paper for 5 August 2021 Workshop on TurnAround Statement
   Equitable Access to Covid Technologies (EACT) page. 
   Readings list prepared for Nov 2019 IPHU course on Access to Medicines,
   Access to Medicines page on Sama website,
   MSF Access Campaign,
   Third World Network,
   Public Citizen

See also a selection of videos and presentations on aspects of political economy for people’s health from previous IPHU courses