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Équipe d'observateurs de l'AMS 2023

PHM at 76th World Health Assembly, May 2023

The People's Health Movement’s WHO Watch programme closely follows two annual meetings at the World Health Organization - the Executive Board meeting which takes place in January-February, and the World Health Assembly held in May. We undertake this process as part of democratising global health governance. The work is supported by many resource persons of PHM and allied organisations who bring their expertise on specific issues to this forum. WHO Tracker of PHM contains details and our comment on many issues of importance.   

This year too, a team of 12 is attending the week-and-a-half long WHA taking place from 21-30 May. The team will make interventions on the floor within the framework of PHM’s perspective on Health For All. We will bring out short summaries on a daily basis, called the daily briefs, to keep the movement updated about the developments at WHA. Follow this space for more.   

The Watching team consists of Chiamo Seraphine (Cameroon), Facundo Fernandez (Argentina), Mariana Lopes Simoes (Argentina/Germany), Axelle Ebode (Cameroon/France), Juliette Claudine Mattijsen (Netherlands), Dian Maria Blandina (Indonesia/Germany); Marta Caminiti (Italy); Ben Verboom (UK/Canada), Kubra Yalcin (Denmark), Leah Shipton (Canada). The team is assisted by Lauren Paremoer, Susana Barria, Jyotsna Singh, Candelaria Araoz Falcon and Gargeya Telakapalli.   

Daily Briefs:   
WHA76 Daily Brief May 22nd
WHA76 Daily Brief May 23rd
WHA76 Daily Brief May 24th
WHA76 Daily Brief May 25th
WHA76 Daily Brief May 26th