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PHA5 Mar del Plata 2024 Call to Action

Our Call to Action includes the demands and commitments of the People’s Health Movement following the debates and discussion leading up to and during the 5th People’s Health Assembly held in Mar del Plata, Argentina. It should be read in conjunction with the PHA5 Background Paper: The Struggle for Health: Confronting the role of Capitalism and Imperialism.

Our Call to Action envisages a world where people can enjoy their lives to the fullest, with dignified work, full participation in health issues and in which the political, economic, cultural and social obstacles and limitations that impede the existence of comprehensive and quality health and education systems are eliminated. Our vision is based on Living Well -Buen Vivir - and promotion of the health of Mother Earth.

People’s Health Movement – a history of struggle

After months of mobilisation in country circles and thematic groups around the globe, 627 activists (of whom 352 came from 60 countries outside Argentina and 275 from Argentina) met in Mar del Plata, Argentina, six years after the 4th People’s Health Assembly in Savar, Bangladesh, and after PHM’s struggle for equity in access to COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. 

Our Call for Action is built on our vision in the People’s Charter for Health (2000), the Cuenca Declaration (2005), the Cape Town Call to Action (2012) and the Declaration of the 4th People’s Health Assembly (2018) in Dhaka. 


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