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Logistics for PHA5 2024 in Mar del Plata, Argentina

About Mar del Plata

The city of Mar del Plata is located in the southeast of the Province of Buenos Aires on the Atlantic coast. It is a seaside city, the most important tourist center of Argentina and also a fishing town with an important port and fishing industry.
It combines the blue sea with mountains, forests and lagoons, as well as theaters, cinemas and its characteristic port.

One of the most recognized poets of Argentina, Jorge Luis Borges writes this poem to it:

Before the dream (or terror) weaves mythologies and cosmogonies
mythologies and cosmogonies,
before time was coined in days,
the sea, the always sea, was already there and was.
Who is the sea? Who is that violent and ancient being that gnaws the pillars
and ancient being that gnaws at the pillars
of the earth and is one and many seas
and abyss and glare and chance and wind?
Whoever looks at it sees it for the first time,
always. With the astonishment that elemental things
things leave, the beautiful evenings, the moon
evenings, the moon, the fire of a bonfire.
Who is the sea, who am I? I will know it the day
that follows the agony.

Magnificent beaches, wide bays, imposing cliffs and forests alternate along 47 km of coastline. Mountain ranges, undulating fields, groves, lagoons, streams, farms and quarries make up rural landscapes of great beauty.

The average temperature in winter is 12 ºC to 14 ºC and in summer it is 23 ºC to 27 ºC.
The stable population is 650,000 inhabitants and the annual arrival of tourists exceeds 8,000,000.
The main industries are fishing, tourism and textiles. Fishing, the main activity of the port, is also complemented by oil and grain ships. The city also has a submarine naval base. Among the great variety of industries, those derived from horticulture, construction, metallurgy and mechanics also stand out.
It is very well communicated with the Federal Capital by land routes, railroad and international airport.

It has a National University that includes the Superior School of Medicine.

Airport transfers
Included in the registration feel is round-trip transportation from Ministro Pistarini International Airport - Ezeiza (EZE) and Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP) Airport to Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Please note that these are only available on the 6th of April and the 12th of April.

Included in the registration fee for international participants is accommodation between 6th of April and 12th of April at Intersur Hotel.

If you p to refer stay at another hotel at your own cost, do let us know.

Please indicate during registration any dietary requirements

Please note that this section will be updated as more information is available.