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Region: South East Asia

Language: English

Year: 2016

Source: Contribution for manual

Author(s): Fran Baum

Summary: PHM OZ was established after the first People's Health Assembly (PHA1), where some participated thanks also to the support of the Australian Public Health Association (most of those who attended were members, active in the Political Economy of Health Special Interest Group, PEHSIG). Strategies after PHA1: 1. work through the existing Public Health Association and especially the PEHSIG and so we meet annual with the PEHSIG and discussion current issues concerning health; 2. Hold state based meetings. This strategy has been most successful in Melbourne Victoria where a group has met fairly regularly. In South Australia the meetings have been sporadic and often linked to visiting PHM comrades from overseas.; 3. Loose network without any membership structure; 4. Developed a website and Facebook page: these have been helpful but updating them has proved to be a challenge.

For more information on this experience, please write to Fran Baum at [email protected].

Key practices: structure and organisation; communication; networking, alliances and cooperation

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