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Health Before Market, Let's Change Europe Video Conference 7 september

The COVID pandemic finally convinced even the most skeptical: public health is, and must more than ever be, a concern for politicians. Submitting it to the laws of the market is a crime. 

Nobody would dare saying that public health is exclusively a national matter and that Europe has no powers in this area. However, European cornerstones such as the golden rules of budgetary convergence, free competition, freedom of establishment, etc. pose an enormous risk to public health.

On 7 September 2023, looking towards the 2024 European elections, during the Belgian Presidency of the Council, we are launching the campaign.

Take part in the online video conference for the pre-launch on 7 September from 4pm. to 6p.m. Belgium / 2pm UTC

Available languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish and Dutch(TBC) 

We want a different Europe:

  • that promotes sufficient public funding for healthcare to guarantee the quality of care and working
    conditions for healthcare professionals;
  • that protects citizens and staff from commercial abuses;
  • that guarantees financial, geographical, temporal and cultural accessibility for everyone;
  • that stimulates ‘healthcare democracy’ by involving patients and healthcare staff;
  • that takes proactive action on social, environmental and gender-related factors, etc. ;
  • that implements a medicines policy that serves the people of Europe and the South;
  • to combat the shortage of healthcare workers by protecting the weakest countries from the flight of
    professionals to the richest countries.

The Campaign


  • national debates on the above themes: diagnosis, impacts and possible solutions.
  • draft joint roadmap to the European elections: «We demand Europe acts on...».


  • each country selects their main concerns/working themes and launches its
    campaign to challenge the political groups, MEPs and candidates
  • questioning of European Parliament political groups

Around 7 April:

  • European Day against the Commercialisation of Health: national and decentralised actions «Health before market... let’s change Europe!»
  • European protest on 7 April in Brussels conference at the European Parliament on 8 April.

For the «Health before market... let’s change Europe!» campaign

Want to take part?

  • join other participating organizations in your country - coordinate your own activities;
  • motivate your networks and contacts in your own and other European countries to help grow the
  • share this invitation.


Download and share the invitation