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5th People's Health Assembly kicks off in Mar del Plata

Over 600 activists from across the globe have gathered in Mar del Plata, Argentina, marking the launch of the 5th People's Health Assembly (PHA 5). Coinciding with World Health Day on April 7, the Assembly promises an engaging five-day journey through the challenges and opportunities within the global health arena.

The Assembly's opening will be marked by an intervention of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, followed by introductory remarks from PHA's Co-Convenors, Carmen Baez and Hani Serag, alongside Roman Vega, the Global Coordinator of the People's Health Movement (PHM). Their insights will anchor the Assembly's discussions in the ongoing struggle for health justice, spanning local struggles in Argentina to broader movements across Latin America and the world.

"In a world where health inequities loom large, PHA 5 stands as a beacon of unity. Together, we're charting a path toward health equity that transcends borders, recognizing that our struggles, though diverse, share a common heartbeat," said Hani Serag.

The PHA 5 agenda is packed with plenaries, sub-plenaries, and workshops organized around five pivotal themes: the transformation of health systems, gender justice in health, the health of ecosystems, resistance to war and forced migration, and the valorization of ancestral and popular knowledge and practices.

Reflecting on the Assembly's program, Carmen Baez said: "At the heart of our assembly lies the power of people's movements. Hearing the testimonies from those at the forefront of struggle lights a fire in our collective spirit, reminding us of the resilience and solidarity that fuels our journey towards health for all."

Other noteworthy contributors to the discussions include Jaime Breilh, Director of the Center for Research and Evaluation of Collective Health and Environment at Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar (Ecuador), alongside influential voices from Argentina, including Marta Maffei and Mario Rovere. The Assembly will also feature thought-provoking interventions by popular educator and feminist Claudia Korol, and historian and journalist Vijay Prashad.

"The 5th People's Health Assembly is more than an event; it's a milestone for global health movements. As we gather to share insights and forge alliances, we're reminded that our collective action is the most powerful medicine against inequality," said Roman Vega.

Download the PHA5 Program Structure

The wait is over: 5th People's Health Assembly, Mar del Plata 2024

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