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Region: Latin America

Language: Spanish

Year: 2016

Source: Contribution for manual

Author: Oscar Lanza (PHM Bolivia)

Summary: Association created in La Paz in 1985, with the aim to impact on health policies from a rights based perspective. Vision: to inform the population (particularly the most marginalised) and empower them to reclaim their right to health. Tools: research, lobby, advocacy, information (incl. popular radio). Involved (young) health students/professionals and later educators etc. National spread (network). Originally informal and independent network governed through an assembly, then forced to institutionalise after an obligation by a national law, and became an NGO. Challenges: repression/obstacles by the government; donor dependency/influence; challenges in leadership renewal. Impact on national legislation (on drugs, breast milk substitutes, consumers' rights...) + on the new Bolivian constitution (2009) with more than 40 articles linked to the right to health (although they have not yet been translated into practice, due to a lack of government will).

For more information on this experience, please wirte to Oscar Lanza at [email protected].

Key practices: structure and organisation, sustainability; advocacy, communication; networking

Read the full report here (in Spanish)