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    In an unfortunate development, headquarters of the Palestinian Health Work Committees (HWC) has been raided by the Israeli Occupying Forces. The IOF broke down the door and confiscated computers and memory drives. The office has been shut down for six months which means many services operational from there will be hit hard. One of them is a programme on women’s health. HWC is a close associate of PHM and we unequivocally condemn this attack. PHM urges the international community to stand up for the rights of the People of Palestine. During a time when the world is fighting a raging pandemic and health and health equity is at the centre of all discussions, it is outrageous that the Palestinians are denied even basic health rights. The IOF should immediately stop attacking health organisations and allow access to healthcare. As we have reiterated repeatedly before, the IOF should end the occupation and free Palestine! Following are the links to news reports, solidarity articles and statements, and other relevant sources: Facebook page of Health Work Committees - Palestine Amnesty International (June 2021): Israeli army shutdown of health organization will have catastrophic consequences for Palestinian healthcare Al Jazeera (June 2021): Amnesty raises alarm as Israel shuts Palestinian health provider Middle East Monitor (June 2021): Israel forces raid, close healthcare centre in West Bank