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Health Workers, Gaza

Dr. Essam Fasl Aldawor, Indonesian Hospital, Gaza 

Dr. Essam Fasl Aldawor worked in the Intensive Care Unit at the Indonesian Hospital in the Northern part of Gaza City before it was destroyed and taken out of service by the Israeli occupation forces. “On Sunday, October 15, 2023, I was on duty at the Indonesian Hospital doing a 24-hour emergency shift. That day, at around 7pm the apartment of my parents was struck by two Israeli missiles. I don´t know what type of missiles were used, but they wiped out the entire apartment, it destroyed the staircase and the neighbor’s house. In this strike, my 9-year-old son Fadl and my cousin's child, Ahmed Shadi Al-Haddad, 8 months old, were killed. My mother was on the fourth floor with my daughter Jouri, and my father was looking for water outside. Fadl and Ahmed were killed immediately. I saw Fadl's body in the Al-Shifa morgue. His injury was on the right side of the chest, with a large gaping hole. I don't know if there was forensic examination done or not. The missile had some kind of blades (propellers), which caused Ahmed's death. In the 5-floor apartment building there were around 40 people in total, lots of them internally displaced people looking for shelter. The targeting of civilians, including women and children, is a deliberate strategy of Israel. A strategy that took the life of my son. My son Fadl was born on 7/11/2014. He was in the fourth grade.”