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PHM Annual Report 2020 is a glimpse of work carried out by the People's Health Movement at the global level in the year 2020. The year marked 20 years of formation of PHM.
As was the case with the rest of the world, in the last one year PHM activities and engagements were largely determined by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and the response to it. During this period, the significance of social and political determinants of health for achieving health equity and health for all became all the more starkly visible. All PHM country units engaged with these different sectors in their various capacities. It gave us an opportunity to point out these intersections and political factors that PHM has been raising for a long time. This was in addition to the existing issues that PHM has been pointing out such as growing inequities and power of transnational corporations, emergence of anti-democratic forces, climate crisis, worsening conflicts and displacements, shrinking welfare spaces, threats to comprehensive primary healthcare approach and growing privatisation.
The Annual Report captures all this work and more. English  Arabic  Spanish  French