Articles and Videos on Access to Medicines 

David Legge is scholar emeritus in the School of Public Health and Human Biosciences at La Trobe University in Melbourne and a founding member of the People’s Health Movement. In this video, he gives an overview of the vaccine policies at the global level and explains the reasons for vaccine inequity: Covid-19 vaccine inequity and the proposed TRIPS waiver, May 2021

On second wave of COVID-19 Infections in India, Chhyakada Chats-A Podcast with Dr. T. Sundararaman, April 2021

The Public Sector Is Crucial for Self-Reliance in Vaccines and Public Health, Y. Madhavi, The Wire Science, April 2021

Interview of Sundararaman T., on how the Indian government has failed at multiple levels in containing COVID-19, Newsclick, April 2021

Why do we have a second wave of COVID-19, AIPSN, Commentary by Sundararaman T., April 2021

Compulsory Covid-19 vaccination won’t help – coercion will increase hesitancy, not reduce it, Sandhya Srinivasan,, April 2021

Second wave is likely to be larger than first, surveillance failure and COVID denial to blame, The Telegraph, Interview of Sundararaman T., April 2021

In this interview, T Sundararaman, global health coordinator, People’s Health Movement talks about current vaccine policy and its roll-out in India. ‘In principle almost 100% will require vaccination … It should mean that everyone has an entitlement’. The Times of India (March 2021)

Our colleague Sun Kim wrote an op-ed (in Korean) on global (in)justice in the after-Covid19 era
The article highlights – i. ‘vaccine apartheid and vaccine imperialism’;  ii. recalls the global vaccine injustice during the 2009 swine flu pandemic and noting the Covid19 as the revival of it;  iii. implication of the proposed India- South Africa TRIPS Waiver as the ‘right to production of vaccines’ under the ‘development’ of the LMICs.

This article talks about how poor countries are paying more for the doses that remain after rich countries have had their fill. Vaccine Nationalism Is Patently Unjust. Nanjala Nyabola. March 2021

The article talks about how the ongoing vaccination drive in India is leaving out the poor and the working class among the elderly and is mainly catering to the middle and upper class.  A stark class divide is emerging in India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive. Vijayta Lalwani. March 2021.

Author from PHM India talks about the current updates on vaccine development, the optimism around it, what promise it holds in the Indian context and the arising equity issues we need to take care of. –  “Covid vaccination poses both a challenge and an opportunity“- T Sundararaman. January, 2021

Gangandeep Kang discusses vaccine development and the processes that led to it-  “As the first vaccine doses are adminstered for Covid-19, there is light at the end of the tunnel“. Gangandeep Kang. January, 2021.

Nkengasong, Ndembi, Tshangela & Raj (Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (6 Oct 2020) COVID-19 vaccines: how to ensure Africa has access

Hanage, Testa, Chen, Davis, Pechter, Santillana and Krieger (5 Oct 2020) COVID-19: US Federal accountability for entry, spread, and inequities

SouthNews (12 Aug 2020) EU Parliament adopts resolution on public health strategy post-COVID-19 based on use of TRIPS flexibilities to ensure access to health technologies

TWN (11 Aug 2020) COVID-19: South Africa, India call for enabling technology transfer in TRIPS

TWN (10 Aug 2020) South voices concerns over “vaccine nationalism” amid COVID-19

HPW (10 Aug 2020) Ensuring Global Access To A COVID-19 Vaccine Will Require A Massive Dose Of Funding – But How Much Really?

Guardian (10 Aug 2020) Fighting for breath: how the medical oxygen industry is failing African hospitals

SouthNews (7 Aug 2020) WTO TRIPS Council discusses national IP measures and TRIPS flexibilities in the context of COVID-19

NPR (6 Aug 2020) Prices For COVID-19 Vaccines Are Starting To Come Into Focus

GHF (6 Aug 2020) The re-emergence of the WTO as a key forum for global health

MSF Access (3 Aug 2020) MSF applauds South Africa for championing health safeguards at meeting of WTO members

Jayati Ghosh (3 Aug 2020) Global inequality in a time of pandemic

WHO/WTO/WIPO (1 Aug 2020) Promoting Access to Medical Technologies and Innovation: Intersections between public health, intellectual property and trade

KEI (1 Aug 2020) WTO TRIPS Council (July 2020): South Africa leads discussions on COVID-19

South Centre (31 July 2020) Special Section 301:US Interference with the Design and Implementation of National Patent Laws

Science (28 July 2020) ‘Vaccine nationalism’ threatens global plan to distribute COVID-19 shots fairly

Bollyky and Bown (27 July 2020) The Tragedy of Vaccine Nationalism: Only Cooperation Can End the Pandemic

Abbott and Reichman (25 July 2020) Facilitating Access to Cross-Border Supplies of Patented Pharmaceuticals: The Case of the COVID-19 Pandemic

MSF Access (24 July 2020) Overcoming intellectual property monopolies in the COVID-19 pandemic

WHO (24 July 2020) Draft landscape of COVID-19 candidate vaccines

Helen Clark and Winnie Byanyima (23 July 2020) The world needs a ‘people’s vaccine’ for coronavirus, not a big-pharma monopoly

South Africa at WTO (17 July 2020) Intellectual property and public interest: Beyond access to medicines and medical technologies towards a more holistic approach to TRIPS flexibilities

Africa CDC (2 July 2020) Communiqué from Africa’s Leadership in COVID-19 Vaccine Development and Access Virtual Conference

HPW (26 June 2020) Massive Mobilization Of US $31.3 Billion Required For COVID-19 Diagnostics, Drugs & Vaccines Accelerator

Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (24 June 2020) Joint statement on WHO proposed global allocation framework for Covid-19 products

South Centre (19 June 2020) Equitable Access to COVID-19 Related Health Technologies: A Global Priority

WHO (18 June 2020) A global framework to ensure equitable and fair allocation of COVID-19 products: And potential implications for COVID-19 Vaccines

South Centre (16 June 2020) Making Covid-19 Medical Products Affordable: Voluntary Patent Pool and TRIPS Flexibilities

South Centre (14 May 2020) An Opportunity to Fix Dysfunctional Biomedical R&D System

SouthNews (8 May 2020) The Covid-19 Pandemic: Intellectual Property Management for Access to Diagnostics, Medicines and Vaccines

South Centre (24 Apr 2020) Guide for the Granting of Compulsory Licenses and Government Use of Pharmaceutical Patents

MedicinesLawAndPolicy (8 Apr 2020) Never say never – Why the High Income Countries that opted-out from the Art. 31bis WTO TRIPS system must urgently reconsider their decision in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic