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Thank you to all those who have contributed so far to the unforeseen PHA4 expenses due to the political climate in which PHA4 was organised. These expenses added up to about 70 000EUR. While we have received many generous donations from PHM comrades individually, PHM country circles and PHM friendly organisations, we are still looking for further support to help us to offset these extra expenses. Many thanks to our comrades in Italy, Greece, Zimbabwe, Australia, Belgium, Croatia, South Africa, UK, Kenia, Spain, Canada, Egypt, Latin America and Korea And to the following PHM circles PHM Italy, PHM Greece, PHM South Africa, PHM India, PHM Bangladesh, PHM Oz, PHM Zimbabwe, PHM Korea And to these PHM friendly organisations SECTION27, Medico International, SAMA, CSI and VivaSalud We are still in the process of finalising our accounts for PHA4 which makes it difficult to give the current balance. So far in total we raised EUR 14 000! Donations are still welcome through: Health for all NOW!