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Region: Latin America Language: English Year: 2016 Source: PHM Latin America (PHM-LA) report to PHM Global Author(s): Coordination of PHM-LA

Summary: Overview of PHM-LA activities in different subregions: South (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay), Mesoamerica (Guatemala), Brazil. In Porto Alegre, open public course on Global Health Watch 4, addressing themes of the book to trigger discussions on global health and the social determinants of health (15 hrs, 35 participants); in Maranhão, group fighting for environmental, social causes, health, the right to health and life. They have denounced the Transnational VALE, causing damage to the health of the people. Also the large landowners and those who harvest wood are threatening the health of local populations. This group is practicing an interesting method of self sustainability: each person contributes 5 Reales monthly to have some money for activities.

For more information on this experience, please write to Camila Giugliani at [email protected].

Key practices: structure and organisation, sustainability; popular education Read the full case study here