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Gender Justice and Health

Welcome to Gender Justice and Health thematic circle!

The vision of this  thematic circle is to create accountable and equitable health policies and health systems in the context of intersectional justice, and to enhance access to quality public healthcare, including sexual and reproductive healthcare that is premised on intersectional justice.

The short-term goals focus on integrating a gender and intersectional justice lens into PHM’s broader work, and capacity building among activists. The short-term goals of the thematic group are-

  • Greater diversity and momentum of the Gender Justice and Health Circle for cross movement conversations and movement building.
  • Enhanced communication, sustained participation in the circle initiatives to build synergy on advocacy and solidarity efforts.
  • Consolidation and regular capacity building and advocacy action initiatives to strengthen perspectives especially of young activists, researchers, advocates, etc.

If you wish to volunteer for this thematic group, contribute in anyway or have any questions, please contact sarojini[at]phmovement[dot]org.

Gender Justice and Health Thematic activity report for February ’20- February ’21 can be read here.