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Section A: The global political and economic architecture

A1: Sustainable Development Goals in the age of Neoliberalism

A2: ‘Leave No One Behind’ — are SDGs the way forward?

A3: Advances and Setbacks towards a Single Public Health System in Latin America

A4: Structural roots of Migration

Section B: Health systems: current issues and debates

B1: Universal Health Coverage: Only About Financial Protection?

B2: Revitalizing Community Control in Primary Health Care

B3: Healthcare in the US: Understanding the Medical-Industrial Complex

B4 : Contexualizing the Struggle of Health Workers in South Africa

B5: The ‘new’ Karolinska hospital: How PPPs undermine public services

B6: Access to Healthcare of Migrants in the EU

B7: Informalisation of Employment in Public Health Services in South Asia

Section C: Beyond healthcare

C1: Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Health: Confronting the Realities

C2: Gendered approach to Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights

C3: Health Reforms in Chile: Lack of Progress in Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

C4: Trade Agreements and Health of Workers

C5 : Public Health in the Extractive Sector in East and Southern Africa

C6: The War on Drugs: From Law Enforcement to Public Health

Section D: Watching

D1: Money Talks at the World Health Organization

D2: Private Philanthropic Foundations: What do they mean for Global Health?

D3: Management Consulting Firms in Global Health

D4: GAVI and Global Fund: Private Governance Structures Trump Public Oversight in Public Private Partnerships

D5: Investment Treaties: Holding Governments to ransom

D6: Framing of Health as a Security Issue

D7: Politics of Data, Information and Knowledge

D8: Access and Benefit Sharing: The Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework

D9: Total Sanitation programs at the cost of human dignity

Section E: Resistance, actions and change

E1: Social Movements Defend Progressive Health Reforms in El Salvador

E2: Contestations Concerning Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition in India

E3: People living with HIV in India: The Struggle for Access

E4: Community engagement in the Struggle for Health in Italy



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