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PHM is happy to announce that the Equitable Health Systems Thematic Circle of People's Health Movement (PHM), along with PHM South Asia and PHM South East Asia Pacific Regions, is organising a capacity building course (International People's Health University, IPHU) on "Action for Equitable Health Systems- Advancing comprehensive primary health care in pandemic times”. Through this course we plan to build a better understanding among health activists of why health and healthcare is an entitlement of all human beings, and how this can be realized and of current best practices in this area. The course would also build skills for activists to analyse where they are on the road map and mobilize people as well as advocate with the government for an accelerated push towards Health For All.

The course is open to participants from selected countries in South Asia and South-East Asia and will be held in December 2022.  The course is designed as a hybrid program with an online component, an onsite face-to-face training program in Bangkok, Thailand which includes field visits and a post training mentored six month follow up. The dates for the IPHU are: Online: Four sessions between November 15th and November 30th Session Time & Duration: Two hour session each day from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm (Indian Standard Time) / 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm (Philippines Standard Time).

On-Site Sessions in Bangkok, Thailand:  From December 6th morning to December 11th noon. (9.00 am to 1.00 pm, and 2.00 to 5.00 pm) Participants arrive by December 5th evening or late night to be able to attend in time for the session on December 6th.

Post-Training Follow-up: back in home country with the PHM country circle. Two sessions of two hours each three months apart.

Below is the eligibility criteria for the application: i. Participants must be from one of the following countries: Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan,  Sri Lanka,  Thailand,   Indonesia,  Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia , Myanmar and PNG ii. Candidates must be available for:
  • All pre-workshop online classes (8 hours)
  • On site in Thailand in the 2nd week of December
  • Two post-workshop sessions
Participation in online classes along with assignments will help ensure that candidates are ready to make use of the onsite classes. There is a small process of filtering for this reason, at this stage. iii. Involvement with PHM country circle/ networks will be an advantage. iv. Must have a valid passport or be reasonably sure of securing it in time. v. Must have access to stable internet connection for online classes and later follow-up Selection Process:

Interested candidates can apply via the Google Form . If they face some problem, they can send the application by email to [email protected].

Last date to apply: 25 October, 2022

Applications will go through a screening process by a committee. The committee would go not only by individual’s suitability for the course but it would also ensure that the final set of participants is a balance of gender, nationalities, age, pre-existing engagement with People’s Health Movements and health rights campaigns. Candidates would be informed of selection by November 5th. Candidates who are active in PHM country circles or networks and are sponsored by these, will be prioritized / strongly preferred. Funding: 
  • PHM-IPHU is committed to reducing the financial barriers to attending IPHU. Travel and local hospitality at budget rates will be covered by the organizers for applicants who require it.
  • If an applicant is able to cover costs from their organisation or elsewhere, then that would be welcome.

We request you to share the announcement widely with your networks in the South East Asia and Pacific and the South Asia region. Please feel free to write to ([email protected]m) for any queries or difficulty on filling the application form.

Thanks and Regards

Equitable Health Systems Thematic Circle of PHM