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PHA5 Program

The program has been created through a process of several consultations with the movement. Regions and thematic areas could provide suggestions for topics and speakers. The program is built around 5 thematic axes (see below), and has ample space for self organised activities in the afternoons and evenings.


Download the PHA5 Program Structure

Download the detailed daily program:



PHA5 1ST International Conference on Collective Health and Primary Health Care: PROGRAM


Download the Discussion Paper for PHA5 

Descargue el Documento de discusión de la ASP5

Télécharger le document de discussion pour APS5 

Baixe o documento de discussão do ASP5

Below is an overview of the different thematic axis

PHA5 Mar del Plata 2024 Concept Note


“Buen Vivir” is central to the program. CLICK HERE for more on "Buen Vivir"