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Mesoamerica and the Carribean PHM regional Meeting

Mesoamerican and Caribbean regional meeting for the refoundation and transformation of health systems

The Regional Committee for the Promotion of Community Health (CRPSC) opened the "Regional Meeting of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean on the Refounding and Transformation of Health Systems", to be held from May 16 to 18, at the facilities of the Collective Social Institute of Popular Health (COSALUP), in the Municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste, The Dominican Republic.

Dr. Román Vega, Global Coordinator at The People's Health Movement (PHM), María Hamlin Zúñiga, founder of the Regional Committee and Ms. Fermina García, Director of the Popular Health Collective (COSALUP), host organization of the event, led the opening ceremony.

This meeting brings together the main collectives and organizations that promote actions in favor of popular and community health with a focus on health as a right, in the region of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. With the objective of promoting a campaign for the Refoundation and Transformation of Health Systems, given the health context in the Caribbean and globally.

During three days, delegations from Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Haiti, Colombia and the Dominican Republic will analyze the context of the countries and the models of the health systems in the region, as well as define joint strategies to exchange work experiences in order to strengthen the actions of the countries that make up the CRPSC.

The Dominican organizations co-organizers of this event will present the community work of health promotion and prevention that for more than 30 years have been carried out in the country by groups such as COSALUP through a holistic approach that puts life at the center, as well as through research in public health and social medicine by the Dominican Chapter of the Latin American Association of Social Medicine (ALAMES).

The Regional Meeting of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean is part of the political, strategic, thematic and organizational preparation activities for the 5th People's Health Assembly to be held in the city of Cali - Colombia from December 4 to 8, 2023.