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Visa information for PHA5 in Argentina

CLICK HERE for  the list of countries that needs a VISA for Argentina


CLICK HERE for the country Embassy and consulate contact information 

While the visa requirement might differ country to country, it is clear that the Visa process is to start in Argentina. We need to let each country embassy and consulate know that you will be applying for a visa. Without this, your application will not be accepted.

The timeline for this is very tight. We can only send the embassy and the consuls these letters through an online portal of the University in Mar del Plata (local host of the PHA5). The University closes the full of January. So we need to finalise this process before the 11th of December to give you the best chance of obtaining a visa.

We might be able to send a second list of participants in February but we cannot guarantee the process to allow for sufficient time.

Please note that you will receive an official invitation letter and individualised proof of accommodation once registrated. There might be a few days of delay, so no worried.