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PHA5 Self-Organized Events Application Form

Organizations, affiliate networks and PHM partners invited to participate in the 5th People’s Health Assembly (PHA5) in Mar del Plata, Argenitna, in April 2024, can now apply for self-organized events in the Assembly. 

Follow these steps:

1. Create a new account for log in   
2. Confirm your account on your email address.

3. Open Self-organized Workshops Application Form link and complete the information   

You can save and go back to edit the form if needed.

The People’s Health Movement (PHM) was founded in 2000 by health activists, networks and social movements in response to the failure of countries to achieve Health for All by the year 2000 – which was the promise of the 1978 Alma Ata Conference. PHM's vision is that equity, ecologically-sustainable development and peace are the core values for a better world free of exploitation, discrimination and oppression based on social class, gender, race, caste, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, religion, occupation, migrant and refugee status, a world where human rights and the empowerment and health of all communities are respected and promoted. PHM is committed to comprehensive primary health care and addressing the social, environmental, economic and commercial determinants of health through key strategies under the Health for All Campaign.

PHM organizes its People’s Health Assembly (PHA) every about five years as one of strategies to build the global movement for the right to health. The assemblies provide unique spaces for sharing experiences, mutual learning, and joint strategizing for actions. They draw in progressive social movements, civil society organisations and networks, academia, health activists, health workers and students from around the globe.
The upcoming People’s Health Assembly 5 (PHA-5) will take place in Mar del Plata, Argentina from 7-11 April 2024. 

The program of the Assembly will provide a space for PHM country circles, PHM thematic groups, civil society organisations/networks and other participating groups to organise workshops on topics related to their own priorities within the framework of the Assembly themes listed below. The self‐organised events are designed to widen the ownership of the Assembly and also to provide opportunities to the largest possible number of partners to build alliances within a large number of participants around their own priorities and issues of concern.

PHA5 Themes
1. Towards transformation of health systems:

2. Gender justice in health

3. Ecosystem health: food, energy, climate

4. Resisting forced migration and war

5. Promoting ancestral and popular knowledge