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PHA5 Global Launch Event

With fists raised in the struggle for the right to health and following up on the discussion of the health reform bill in Colombia, the People's Health Movement (PHM) together with affiliated networks, popular and community organizations from Colombia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, India and Europe, gathered at the National University of Colombia in a mixed event to celebrate the "National, Social and Popular Forum for Health" which served as a prelude to the global launch of the 5th People’s Health Assembly (PHA5) Cali, Colombia, 2023.

A tribute to the recently deceased Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury, co-founder of the PHM, activist and defender of the right to health, who with his leadership contributed to the realization of the first PHM Assembly (2000), in Savar, Bangladesh; where this Movement with global reach was founded; and the fourth PHA (2018), also in Bangladesh; this tribute made by Maria Hamlin set the tone for the launch of the PHA5, its history, its political stakes, scopes and thematic axes, with interventions by Hani Serag of the PHM Global; who addressed the global and historical struggle for the right to health; Carmen Baez from PHM Latam who spoke of the historical struggle, hope and progress of the struggle for health and Ennue Fajardo from PHM Colombia talking about the resistance, strength and struggle of the social movements of Cali which set the 5th World Assembly for People's Health ASP5.

Events such as the "National Forum for the guarantee of the right to health" in Colombia initiate a series of events around the world in preparation for the ASP5 that pave the way for the World Assembly for People's Health promoted by the PHM Global, its thematic, regional and national circles as well as all its affiliated networks and allies around the world, to be held from December 4 to 8 in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, as a device for organizational strengthening and struggle at regional and global level with five thematic axes:

  • Towards the transformation of health systems
  • Gender justice in health
  • Ecosystem health: food, energy, climate
  • Resisting forced migration and war
  • Ancestral and popular knowledge and practices.

Download the Declaration of the "National Forum for the guarantee of the right to health".