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PHA5 Call for logo

Call for proposals for design of the logo of the 5th People’s Health Assembly (PHA5) to be held in Cali, Colombia, in December 2023

We are pleased to announce that the People’s Health Movement (PHM) is seeking proposals for the design of the logo for the Fifth People’s Health Assembly (PHA5). The Assembly is the flagship event for the PHM, bringing together activists, health workers, public health professionals, health policy makers, researchers and community members from around the world to discuss critical issues related to health equity and social justice.

This year, the PHA5 will be held in Santiago de Cali, Colombia in December, and we are looking for a logo that embodies the spirit of this vibrant city and reflects our commitment to the idea of Health for All. The logo will be used on PHM Global’s official website, channels, social media platforms and that of its partners on all promotional materials and communications related to the PHA5.

Proposal Criteria

Proposals must meet the following criteria:

  • The logo should reflect the spirit of Cali, Colombia, its culture, history and diversity.
  • The logo must be visually attractive and easily recognizable.
  • The logo should convey the PHM’s idea of “Health for All” with a strong commitment to social justice, health equity and inclusive policies.
  • Proposals should take the PHM logo as a reference, using its different elements without distorting the shapes of the icon.
  • The logo should be suitable for use on various platforms, including websites, social media and printed materials.

Technical details:

We will require the final product to be in the following formats. Those who can submit the proposal in such formats, are kindly requested to do so. However, we will also accept the entries without these technical aspects. In case the final selection is of a drawing or a painting, PHM will provide technical support for the final product. So, let your creativity flow and not be bound by technological requirements.

  • The logo design file should be submitted in three files: an editable file in .jpg format in positive and negative version; in .png format in positive and negative version and in .pdf format. Optionally, the logo may be presented as an editable file in .cdr format of Corel Draw, in .ai format of Adobe Illustrator or in .eps – Encapsulated PostScript format. In any case, the file must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and a minimum size of 1,200 pixels x 1,200 pixels.
  • The logo must be adaptable to several languages worldwide.

Who can participate?

The call is open to graphic designers, social communicators, publicists, artists, visual artists and in general to health activists from Latin America, health organizations and PHM affiliate networks can team up to submit their proposals.

By submitting the proposal, the participant(s) certifies that the rights to the image and the proposal submitted belong to them in its entirety and that they cede the rights to use the image they have created to the People’s Health Movement (PHM).

How to participate?

Send your proposal by e-mail to [email protected] by June 30, 2023.

The proposal must include the title of the proposal, a description of the proposal (up to 500 characters), the designer’s or creator’s full name and pseudonym if available, ID number, telephone number and e-mail address.

Selection of proposals

The PHA5 Organizing Committee will appoint a panel of judges to choose from among the proposals submitted.

Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

While only one proposal will be selected for the PHA5, the other shortlisted proposals will be exhibited on our website and at the PHA5 venue, giving full credit to the designer.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and working with you to create a logo that represents the spirit of ASP5 and the vibrant city of Cali.


Organizing Committee

-PHA5 – Cali, Colombia, 2023