People’s Health Dispatch

A fortnightly bulletin published by the People’s Health Movement and international media organisation People’s Dispatch. We focus on the politics of health and struggle for the right to health, including actions organised by workers in the sector. The aim is to highlight people’s resistance to commodification of health and radical analyses of politics around it, especially in the Global South.

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Special Issue: Health for All Now!, 7 April 2022

Bulletin #22: Health as a bargaining chip, April 2022

Bulletin #21: Into the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic, March 2022

Bulletin #20: Women of the world, against austerity and patriarchy, March 2022

Bulletin #19: A rising tide of health workers’ strikes, February 2022

Bulletin #18: New waves of resistance, February 2022

Bulletin #17: Health workers want a fair post-pandemic world, January 2022

Bulletin #16: New hope for people-centric healthcare with incoming progressive governments, January 2022

Bulletin #15: Bad habits, December 2021

Bulletin #14: A more caring world, December 2021

Bulletin #13: Boosting resistance to pandemic profiteers, November 2021

Bulletin #12: The burden of health inequities, November 2021

Bulletin #11: A climate of South-South solidarity, October 2021

Bulletin #10: Overcoming barriers to health justice, October 2021

Bulletin #9: The people’s call for universal health care, September 2021

Bulletin #8: Centuries-long struggles for universal access to care, September 2021

Bulletin #7: Health in danger in conflict areas, August, 2021

Bulletin #6: Diagnosing the weak spots of the pandemic response, August 2021

Bulletin #5: A pandemic of weak systems, July 2021

Bulletin #4: Crackdown on health activists, July 2021

Bulletin #3: Reclaiming rights and equity, July 2021

Bulletin #2: The struggle for vaccines, June 2021

Bulletin #1: From the Frontlines of the World Health Assembly, May 2021