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I. Important websites to check


II. A selected list of important articles/resources under the following sub themes





III. Covid

  1. PHM Country statements on Covid Pandemic-
  2. Pandemic Resilience and Health Preparedeness in India. Sundararaman et al. November 2021.
  3. Health system’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic in conflict settings: Policy reflections from Palestine. Al Khaldi et al. 2020.
  4. PHM supported PMAC in organising webinars ahead of the Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2021 on various issues around Covid. The link to all  recording of webinars can be found at the PMAC Youtube Page.    Details of specific webinar information and links  to follow.
  5. Resources in Spanish prepared by PHM comrades in Latin America.
    1) A series of information manuals on prevention and health promotion at the community level in the context of Covid 19. Manual 1, Manual 2, Manual 3. Prepared by the Guatemalan organization ASECSA
    2) A power point presentation on context analysis of health systems preparedness and response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the central american region. Prepared by the Guatemalan organization ASECSA
    3) A position statement of the regional committee for health community health promotion in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic that highlights demands to governments in the central american region.
  6. PHM activists (Fran Baum at al & Lauren Paremoer et al) wrote two of the articles in this BMJ collection “The Road to Equity and Solidarity”.  January 2021.
  7. Emerging good practices and lessons learnt to maintain essential health services during the Covid-10 pandemic. Zakoji and Sundararaman. WHO South East Asia Journal of Public Health. February 2021.
  8. Good public health logistics for resilient health systems during the pandemic: Lessons from Tamil Nadu. Adithyan GS and Sundararaman. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics. April 2021.

IV. Other resources and articles

  1. “The assessment of the right to health and health care at the country level: A People’s Health Movement Guide”. October 2006.
  2. This special issue of ‘Saude Em Debate’ focuses on the work of the People’s Health Movement.  The special issue is an initiative of Brazilian Centre for Health Studies (Cebes) and Latin American Social Medicine Association as a call for global action for the universal Right to Health. The papers illustrate the links between the local health needs and global political economy and the ways in which health activists are confronting local needs in ways which contribute to building a global movement. Link-